Art Insiders | Artist: Monster Chetwynd

As lead partner of the Zurich Art Weekend, we are pleased to unveil the first episode of the mini-series "Art Insiders", created in close collaboration with the Zurich Art Weekend.


Art Insiders | The art collector: Gigi Kracht

For the fourth and last episode of Art Insiders, Gigi Kracht, founder and curator of Art in the Park (Zurich), invited us at the Baur au Lac hotel to discuss her devouring passion for art!


Thomas Ruff

Whether his subject is human beings, a starry sky or a building, Ruff’s works always have the same emotional distance. He is interested in the creative process, in the effects and limits of photography, but not to the detriment of the beauty and fascination of the subject. On the contrary, this is always fully revealed by the photographic experience.

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The artists of the collection

As a family-owned bank, Mirabaud is keen to establish a link between tradition and modernity, between past, present and future. 
With this in mind, Mirabaud has built up a large collection of contemporary art, housing numerous artists of all nationalities, each exploring various media, from painting to photography to sculpture. By supporting established artists in the contemporary art world as well as up-and-coming artists, the financial group is perfectly in line with its desire for innovation. 
Exhibited in our offices in Switzerland and abroad, these artists reflect our times and Mirabaud's desire to engage in discussion and exchange with its clients, visitors and employees.

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Collection of contemporary art